Our family & Germany

When the opportunity came to go to my nephew’s christening in Germany, we had to take it. Travelling from Hamburg with my husband and two children (8 and 6) through stunning scenery.

I was so excited to visit the land where german fairytales began. Driving through narrow cobblestone streets, past timber houses, dark lush forests and mountains led us to our rented apartment in Goslar.


Our journey took us to a fun, imaginative family park in Sottrum. This was definitely a park designed with children in mind. Think Enid Blyton adventures.


Even the lovely little town where the christening took place was beautiful. Holle, full of charming houses, and the cutest church.

Last stop towards home was the town of Celle. Beautiful stunning architecture and gorgeous park. October is definitely a fabulous time to visit Germany with its autumn colours, scenery. Plus it was lovely and quiet.