Before, during and after your session with Jo

It’s all about the little things and the moments in between… those tiny chubby hands in yours,  the cute button nose, big bear hugs, sibling giggles, secret whispers and family tickles are all a beautiful part of life that should be celebrated and shared. Together we can capture this time that so deserves to be remembered.

Am I the photographer for you?

Romsey PhotographerI love photographing children. Luckily they like me too. I think they are funny, inquisitive and curious about everything around them. Their sheer wonder is a marvel to see and I want to capture this fleeting moment in their childhood. And if yours are in their teens or older then let’s capture that time too because your family deserves to be remembered.

Before your photo session
  • Together we will find out what you want from your photo session, work out the best locations and clothing ideas.
  • Think about how you would like your final images. Do you want an album that can be handed down through the generations? A wall frame that makes you smile every day? A set of beautiful prints? Together we can work out your vision.
  • Once you have booked with me, you will receive a welcome guide, packed full of information about the shoot and what to expect.
  • I’ll also send you a questionnaire to find out more about your family.
During the photoshoot
  • On the day of your photoshoot, we will meet in a designated spot and start your photography adventure. Your photo session can last up to 2 hours. If you have smaller children I try and keep it to 1 hour as their patience runs low. (I don’t run back to back sessions, so if we go over time that is fine with me!)
  • Expect to have fun, just be yourselves. My aim is to capture your families personalities. Through gentle prompting and direction, I will photograph genuine emotions and interaction. We may go for a walk and stop along the way for photos or stay in a particular location and run around and play.
After the photoshoot
  • After you photoshoot, if possible, I will show you a sample album and frame
  • I will edit your images to a high standard and send you a link to your private online viewing gallery. During busy seasons this can take a couple of weeks.
  • Once you have viewed your images, you’ll have 5 days to order your prints and products. You can share the link with family members too.
Prints and products
  • As all my products are handcrafted it can take 2 weeks to be made and delivered. Prints on their own can be delivered within 3 days.
  • Your images will be beautifully packaged and delivered securely either by myself or by courier.
  • Yay! You now have a lifetime of memories to look back on forever.
Location ideas and best time of day
Romsey PhotographerThe best time of day for photoshoots is either first thing in the morning or 2 hours before dusk. The light is softer, more flattering and often locations are quieter too. The best location is the one that works for your family. We can go to the beach, have a campfire, use your camper van, enjoy a picnic, walk in the woods – the possibilities are endless. 
What to wear to a photoshoot?

For many families, the task of deciding what to wear on the day of family portraits is the most stressful part. Planning this early is key, give yourself plenty of time to shop for new outfits. I normally start with one member of your family (mum usually) and find clothes to work around them. Look at the season your photos will take place in to get ideas of colours. I have a Pinterest board of ideas to help you: Spring/Summer photoshoots and Autumn/Winter photoshoots

What if my child plays up?
Children are as unpredictable as the weather! I have two of my own so I really do understand. As my photoshoots are based on fun and play, hopefully, your children will be suitably distracted and will enjoy the photo session. I have plenty of patience and I am used to dealing with children. I want you to be happy with your photo session. Some photo shoots take 1 hour and others can take two hours. I work at your families pace. I want you to come away with images you love.
What happens if it rains?
British weather is unpredictable, so if it’s a light drizzle we may brave it and look for breaks in the weather but if it is torrential rain and will spoil your photos or make everyone miserable then we will reschedule a new date. When booking keep an extra day in the month just in case!
How do I book?

If all this sounds great, book me here for a photo session.

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