What Should You Do With Your Equine Shoot Photographs?

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What are your choices?

So, you’ve had your shoot with your beloved horse, and you’ve just had your online gallery delivered. A gorgeous set of images of you and your best friend that you can’t wait to display and share! But what should you do with your equine shoot photographs? The choices and possibilities are endless, and the indecision can result in not doing anything with them. So, here are my favourite suggestions to get those beautiful photographs up and on display for all to see. 

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Display Them In Print

The first suggestion, of course, is to get those photographs printed! It’s so easy to leave digital files languishing on your computer where no one will see them, including yourself. But what’s the point of having a professional photoshoot done with your horse if you’re not going to enjoy the photos on a regular basis afterwards?

So, how should you go about printing your photos?

Do it yourself

Since you have the digital files, you can get your photos printed yourself. There are so many photo printing websites and shops out there, but I’d always recommend using a good quality company for the best quality prints. Do ask me if you need a recommendation. 

Once you have your prints, you can frame them yourself. I particularly like Ikea and John Lewis frames for a budget-friendly option. 

Professional prints

Professional photographers have access to pro photo labs, which guarantee the best quality prints and products to display your lovely images. Typically, we can offer a variety of print sizes and styles, from simple prints on fine art paper through to framed prints and even luxury albums. There are so many beautiful ways to display your favourite photographs. Did you know I also offer some set print packages to help your decision-making process simpler?

albums from Jo Worthington Photographer

Outside Of The Frame

But what if you don’t only want prints, frames and albums? Well, there are a whole host of other options you can look at too. 

Many photo printing companies provide a variety of surfaces on which to print your photographs. From clothing to keychains, mugs to mats and everything in between. You can create calendars and notebooks, diaries and pens. There isn’t much you can’t print your photos on these days! The beauty of printing on various items is that they make great gifts for people. That means your friends and family will get to enjoy your beautiful photographs as well. Do look for reputable printing companies though, to ensure the best photo quality finish of your items.

Equine frame from photoshoot Hampshire

Create A Memory

Sometimes, having professional photographs are not just about displaying them. You may have had the shoot to create a memory and have something to remember your gentle friend years from now. 

You could get a small print made and have it inserted into a locket. That’s just one example. There are many other ideas with photography being used in jewellery and other keepsake items these days. A quick glance online will give you plenty of inspiration! 

Another possibility is to create a special photo book or build a scrapbook with your photos and other collected items. This is a perfect option if you’re creative and have words that you would like to go with your photographs. And it’s something you’ll definitely want to sit down and look through many times in years to come.

Share Them

Finally, share those images, of course! The beauty of digital photos is that they’re so easy to share online now, through email and social media. So, don’t be scared to show them off to everyone you know. You should be proud of them! 

Ultimately, these beautiful moments deserve to be fully treasured, adored and remembered. So, back them up and then make sure you get them off of the computer and into your physical world to enjoy as well. 

Adorn your walls

And if you have some bare walls that need stunning, eye-capturing photographs of you and your beloved horse on them, get in touch! Let’s get you booked in and dressing those walls in no time.