What to Wear to Your Equine Photo Shoot

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There are many different parts of your equine photo shoot to consider when planning it. But planning what to wear has to be one of the most fun parts of the whole process! It’s a question that often gets asked when people book in for their shoot too. So, I like to make it part of our planning process when we chat before your session. We’ll talk about everything, from locations to what prints and products you’re hoping to get, but we’ll also cover what to wear too. So, to get you thinking about it, here are some of my hints and tips about what to wear to your equine photo shoot. 

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Lots of variety

With the amount of time we’ll end up spending together, I usually recommend up to three outfit changes. This means you’ll get a lot of variety and diversity in your looks and the images we’ll produce as a result. 

I recommend three styles to give you as much variety as possible. First, choose a relaxed “horsey” outfit, such as jodhpurs or jeans with boots and a nice shirt or jumper. Then I recommend a smart casual look, which could be jeans again but something smarter that you might wear to lunch with friends. A final suggestion is to go for a glamorous look. Think ball gown, cocktail dress or something you might wear for an evening out for an extraordinary photograph. 

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Outfit ideas


For smart and smart-casual looks: 

  • A tweed or Barbour jacket
  • A blouse, shirt or floaty top
  • Waistcoat
  • Fitted trousers, jeans or jodhpurs
  • Tall or ankle boots
  • A casual jacket or fitted coat
  • A smart jumper, although avoid large patterns or logos
  • A glam or prom dress
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For more relaxed looks: 

  • Jumpers in neutral or seasonal colours
  • Scarves and hats
  • Floaty and soft tops
  • Dresses
  • Jeans
  • Casual boots
  • A t-shirt, again avoiding any large patterns or logos
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Create a mood

What you choose to wear can totally create a mood, especially in your photographs. So, do think about what you want that to look like. Maybe you’re looking for something bright and happy, or something more romantic or dreamy. Your outfits can help to create those looks, but it helps to know what you want to create first before figuring out what to wear. If you’re not sure, then please don’t worry as I can help you every step of the way.

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Comfort first

The most important thing for you is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing – and you should also feel like you! If you’re comfortable and happy with how you look, you’ll be more confident with having your photos taken. And that always results in unforgettable photographs. Use the three different looks as a guide but don’t feel you have to use them all. You might prefer to go with three casual looks if that makes you more comfortable. We’ll make it work, whatever you decide! 

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A little colour

As well as the type of clothes you’re wearing, do also try to think about the colour. Neutral colours work well, but a pop of colour can look so special against a more natural background. And certain colours can also express your personality well. But do choose carefully. Hot pink might look a bit much but reds, yellows and blues tend to work well.

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Top advice

Try not to leave choosing your outfits to the last minute. There’s nothing worse than realising your favourite jeans are in the wash minutes before you’re due to have your photograph taken! So, spend some time in the days before your shoot choosing your outfits and, before the shoot itself, lay them out ready. Also, give your boots a clean if you’re planning on wearing them. They don’t need to be perfect, but I’m sure you’d prefer tidy looking boots than ones covered in mud in your photographs!

On the day

Sometimes an outside perspective helps, and I’m always happy to help you choose from your planned outfits that you’ve brought with you. Bring several choices along with you, and I’ll offer my opinion on what would work best in photographs if you’d like me to.

Are you ready?

Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll look fabulous, and I’ll capture some beautiful photographs of you and your best friend. So, if you’re ready to book, why not get in touch and let’s start planning your equine photo shoot!