Which season is your favourite?

girl and pony equine photoshoot

September is my birthday month, which lands in Autumn. This season happens to be one of my favourites. The colours make me happy, the woody scent, the promise of Christmas coming and snuggling at home by a roaring fire (wish I had one) make me love it the most! I also love summer as I am a fair weather girl who thrives on sunshine, beaches, swimming and sandals.

Which season is your favourite?

Autumn: Warm, golden yellows, orange and brown colours, beautiful light, glowing sunsets and crunching the leaves. Clothing in rich colours from yellows, blues, red and plums. 

Autumn equine and family photoshoots


Winter: Soft flattering light, crisp frosty magical mornings, crunchy or soft snow (if we get any). Clothing can be sunggly winter cutes, cute bobble hats and boots. See my blog on 9 reasons for a winter photoshoot 

Winter equine photoshoot


Spring: It’s like a fresh start, the days get longer and warmer, beautiful flowers adorn our country. I can’t resist the scents, pink blooms and fun yellow daffodils. Think bluebells, blossom and fresh greens. Clothing can be pastels, pretty tones and lighter layers.

Speing equine and family photography


Summer: Sunsets and soft sunrises, summer days with long grass, golden corn and beach photoshoots. Streams and willow trees, floaty dresses, lighter clothes and walks in the woods or park.

summer equine and family shoots

Have you decided yet? Which season will you choose for your equine or family photo shoot?

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