How to prepare for your branding photoshoot

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All the steps to prep for a successful branding photography session


You might think the idea of preparation seems a bit boring. But when it comes to planning your branding photoshoot, preparation will get you all the images you need for your business! You’re going to be using these photographs to promote your business. Taking the time to prepare for your photoshoot will ensure you get the best set of images possible. With that in mind, here’s how to prepare for your branding photoshoot.

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1: Know your brand


Before we start planning for the photoshoot itself, you need to take a moment to think about your brand. Being clear about that will make preparing much easier. You’ll know exactly how you want your photos to look, and you’ll have strong ideas about how to achieve that.


So, if you’re not 100% clear on what your brand is, spend some time figuring this out. What are your business and personal values? What emotions do you want potential clients to feel when they see your business or work with you? How can you show that through your photos?


It also helps to know why you want a branding photoshoot. Are you looking for new headshots? Updating your branding? Do you need fresh content for your social media? If you know the answers before you start planning, then you’re already halfway there. Have a read of this excellent post about how to develop your brand identity from Hubspot.


2: Create a mood board


Now, here comes the fun stuff! The first thing I encourage my clients to do is create a mood board. The easiest way to do this is through Pinterest. Spending some time on this helps me to understand your vision for your branding shoot. Pin anything you love the look of – favourite colours, shapes, styles. Look for poses and looks you like. And get inspiration for staged shots and flat lays, especially if you create products!

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3: Time for a list


I love a list, and there’s no better way to plan than to put your list-making skills to good use, is there?

List out any poses you want to include. Define whether you want more portrait or landscape images, or a good mixture of both. Do you want some photos you can turn into profile pictures, cover photos and headers? Or photos you can overlay with text? Then write those down!

Listing out those important shots will help me to be clear about what you want and need. I need to get that right because I want you to be a happy client. If you don’t know how to describe something, find an image or draw one, so there’s no chance of misunderstandings.

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4: Gather your things


A branding photoshoot isn’t just some headshots of you in a few different poses and backgrounds. You’ll want a few “action” shots too, showing you at work, writing, reading or doing something interesting for your social media posts. So you’ll need some props.

It’s also worth discussing outfit changes with me. We have limited time together so we can’t do a hundred different looks. But with some creative layering and a couple of key pieces, we can create multiple looks for you in a short amount of time because you’ll want more time having your photo taken than spending it getting changed!

Before your shoot, gather together your chosen props. Make sure they match your brand and are easy to carry, as we may move around a bit.

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5: Pamper time


Professional photographs are an investment. I doubt you’ll be doing this every week or month! So make sure you’re looking your absolute best for your photos.

Consider having your hair and makeup done. Apart from having you looking like a million dollars, it’s so lovely getting pampered too. You’ll be feeling relaxed, happy and confident, which is perfect for your photoshoot.

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6: A look at location


Location is an important factor because your background matters as much as your outfits and props.

Do you have an office or studio space? I’d suggest starting there if you feel it’s picture-worthy! Otherwise, have a look at your neighbourhood. Are there any coworking spaces near you, or studios you can rent?

If you want an outdoors backdrop too, do factor it in. Ideally, it should be nearby, so we’re not wasting shoot time to get there—a favourite park or wood, at the beach or by a lake. The options are as endless as your imagination!

Madison Grace Cooper Singer branding photography

7: Trust your photographer


I know I don’t need to say this, but I’m going to anyway… 

Trust me! 

Your branding photoshoot is not my first, and I’m happy to guide you as needed. I won’t just take your money and turn up on the day with my camera. I’ll support you through the planning process because it’s essential that I’m capturing the photographs you want and need. 

Getting the photos you want is my ultimate goal because a happy client means good word of mouth, after all!

Ready to take the next step?

And book your branding photoshoot? Let’s talk! Contact me here, and let’s see how I can help you get beautiful images for your business.

Images are a mix from a personal branding shoot with MoCo Handmade and Singer/songwriter Maddison Grace Cooper