What Is Personal Branding Photography?

What Is Personal Branding Photography? 

Here’s a question I get asked a lot and, since I’m branching out into personal branding photography, I thought it was worth chatting about! Personal branding photography is thriving, especially with the rise in small business owners and freelancers out there. But, to understand what personal branding photography is, you first need to understand what personal branding is. So, let me explain!


What is personal branding?

Small businesses have been multiplying over the last few years in the UK, and they now account for more than 99% of the business population. There’s been a distinct shift in the way we choose to make our purchases too. We’re a lot more focused on supporting local and smaller businesses if we can. We’re making more informed choices. We’re making an effort to buy from people rather than faceless corporations.

It’s that search for the face of a business that has brought about the need for personal branding. Being the face of your business allows people to see who you are and what you believe in and stand for. It’s all those things that make up your personal brand

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So, personal branding photography? 

Yes! In short, personal branding photography is an extension of your personal brand. It’s part of how you make your brand – and, by definition, YOU – visible in your business.

Personal branding photography includes photos that show you, the owner and face of your business, as well as what you do and how you do it. And think about it. Where do you use images for your business? Your website, of course. But what about your social media channels, your mailing list and any marketing materials you create? Personal branding photography brings all these areas together in a consistent, professional way. This works to help your business stand out from your competitors.

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More than just a headshot

Of course, headshots are essential. But personal branding photography is so much more than a headshot.

A personal branding shoot encompasses everything. From the way you dress and your style to the props you use and how you pose for your photos. If you’re the kind of person who can’t go anywhere without your dog then let’s include them in your branding photos! Pets are great additions to your photos and who can’t resist a fur baby.

You can also incorporate elements that tie in with your branding. Your brand colours, clothing, any props you choose and the location you want can all influence the look of your brand.

What I also love about branding photography is that you can use it to show what it is you do, too. If you’re a maker, for example, have your personal branding shoot in your studio space and I’ll get some photographs of you creating your products. These are always great photos to capture and are precisely the sort of thing your would-be customers want to see when they’re deciding whether to buy from you or not.

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Can’t I use stock photos?

You absolutely can. But stock photos will only get you so far. Think about it. They’re designed to appeal to lots of different businesses. So, unless you’ve paid for a set of stock shots they won’t sell to anyone else (in which case, you might as well book a personal branding shoot and get some photographs of you in there too!), the chances are that those images will be found on lots of other websites and social media accounts too. That won’t help your business to stand out from the crowds.

There’s nothing more unique about your business than you. So investing in a personal branding shoot that shows you is about as unique as your brand can get. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your business visible with some fantastic personal branding photos! Get in touch, and let’s see how I can help you.