Who is Branding Photography for?

Small businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs, fitness instructors – anyone who would like a fresh bank of images that visually represent you and your business. 

Headshots or Branding photography?

Headshots are for those who just want a simple portrait for social media profiles, staff portraits or a press release.

Branding photography tells the story of your business/brand in a collection of images. Helping you to attract your ideal client.


Location is very important to your photoshoot. It can help set the mood and emotion you want your audience to feel.

When we chat about your business, brand, story and your ideal client and what you want to achieve with your brand images, we will also discuss locations.

Personal Branding photoshoots can take place anywhere from cafes, your home office/studio, Air B&B (extra hire charge), the beach, the list is endless. 

Headshots are usually taken either near your office either outside/inside or a cafe, a park – depending on the look you are after.

What props to bring?

A branding photography shoot is about showing what you do and how you work. Props can be a useful tool to help convey more information about your brand plus they can also help you to feel less awkward in front of the camera. Props vary from the tools of your trade, a favourite mug, notebook, your fur baby! I’ve even had a campervan as a prop before. Anything that helps tell your story and get’s you closer to your dream client.

How many images will I get?

This can vary depending on the type of photoshoot I do but I aim for 30+ images. However, I would put quality over quantity any day! So the number of images can change but I can guarantee you will have plenty of great quality photos that represent and capture you, your brand and your personality brilliantly.

I hate having my photo taken?

I know you don’t like having your photo taken! But what if it was fun? What if it wasn’t so serious? And what if we could get some great photos that showed off who you really are as a person and a business owner?

Using my expertise and friendly personality you’ll soon forget the camera is there!

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What if it rains?

British weather is unpredictable, so if it’s a light drizzle we may brave it and look for breaks in the weather but if it is torrential rain and it will spoil your photos or make you miserable then we will reschedule a new date. When booking keep an extra day in the month just in case! If part of your photoshoot was indoors somewhere we can at least do that part of the photoshoot.

How much does it cost?

All my prices are here.

How do I book?

I’d be delighted to work with you. Please contact me at Once I receive your information I’ll get a discovery call booked in, just to make sure I am the photographer for you. And from there we can make some exciting plans!