How to pose for your branding photos

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How to pose for your branding photos

If there’s one thing people worry about when having their photograph taken, it’s how they should pose for the camera. Look, unless you’re a model, posing is not something that will come naturally to you. So, the best advice I can offer you is not to panic! You don’t need to know how to pose. That’s where I come in, using my experience and some gentle guidance, I’ll have you getting into the right poses, all while having a little fun! But it can’t hurt to have a few ideas before your shoot. You can start with Pinterest or magazines for inspiration, but I’ll also work through all this with you. In the meantime, here are a few ideas on how to pose for your branding photos.

Taking Action

Straight up posing can be nerve-wracking if you’re not used to having your photograph taken. The great thing about a branding session is that you can bring your work along and get some photos of you in action. And while you’re concentrating on actions, you’re less conscious of posing for the camera. A win-win! That’s why I’ll always start with action poses.

Simple action shots can be walking or spinning and twirling (if that’s your thing). If you’re a fitness instructor, a yoga teacher or similar, you could demonstrate your moves! Or get some photos of you creating whatever it is you make. If you’re a baker, a florist or something similar, show people a little taste behind the scenes of you doing your thing. Service providers, you can also show what you do, but it’s worth getting a model (or a willing friend) in to help.

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Standing Tall

Straight up standing poses might seem uninteresting, but they’re a great way of getting some lovely headshots of you in pretty surroundings. A simple standing pose can offer a lot of different looks too. 

To make things interesting, and to help build your confidence, play with this pose a little. You can stand straight on and face the camera, or turn your body at an angle. Go all “power pose” with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. And then turn around and look back at me over your shoulder for four quick standing poses. 

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Sit Yourself Down

Sitting poses work well because there are lots of different positions you can move into for some different looks. Depending on our location, you could sit on a bench or an office chair. You might have an impressive armchair, or you could sit at your desk. 

Some common sitting poses include sitting back and relaxing in the chair, arms or legs crossed. If the chair is big enough, throw your legs over an arm for a casual, fun pose. You could sit forward, an elbow resting on your knee and hand supporting your chin, or with both elbows on your knees and letting your hands relax down. Sitting back in a chair looks more relaxed. Sitting forward can show confidence.

A useful tip, if you’re worried about your stomach when sitting, is to perch your bottom on the edge of the seat as it forces you to sit with your back straight. Good posture always looks more flattering in photos!

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Use Your Environment

Remember, posing is as much as being a part of your environment as it is about pulling yourself into different positions in front of the camera. If you’re outside, use trees or walls to lean against. In your office space, sit at your desk or perch on it. Or curl up in an armchair with a book or your laptop. And, if you’re game, get down on the floor for a different perspective!

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Using Props

If you’re typically found on a laptop when you’re working, bring it along. You could also include things like a favourite notebook or journal, your phone, stationery that’s on brand and so on. 

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A Word About Hands

No matter how used to having your photo taken you might be, figuring out what to do with your hands is always the hardest thing. It’s like a camera comes out and they suddenly have this way of looking like awkward things stuck on the end of your arms!

The best advice I can offer is to try to keep them as relaxed as possible. Make use of them by holding a pen and pretending to write or typing on your laptop. If you don’t have a prop with you, play with your hair or your clothing a little. Or stick your thumbs in your pockets for a relaxed

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Are you ready for your photoshoot?

I do hope you find those posing tips helpful! And if you’re ready to test some of them out on a branding shoot with me, get in touch and let’s get you booked in!